Midget Performers for Bachelorette / Bachelor Party

Bachelorette / Bachelor Parties

If your best friend is getting married you have your job cut out for you, so make this party one to remember. Book a midget stripper for your bachelorette / bachelor party with us.  Your night won’t ever be the same!

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Bachelorette / bachelor parties take place about 1 week to 3 months in advance. Usually the best time to do it is 2 or 3 weeks prior. This way the wedding is fresh in the party’s minds but they are given a break between festivities. Just DO NOT DO IT THE NIGHT BEFORE! Only do it if it’s a last minute idea and the rehearsal dinner won’t take long. The bachelorette / bachelor party should have no restrictions; this way the person of honor can just enjoy thier night out!

However you decide to plan the bachelorette’s night out, the most important part is the entertainment. Our midget strippers & dancers are a riot!  Once your midget dancer booking takes place, we will contact you a couple of days prior to the performance. We need a contact name, phone number, address, time, date, etc. The day of your bachelorette party our midget stripper will contact you by phone. When he is 10 min. away he will contact you again to make sure everyone is ready.

Be attentive to who will be at the bachelorette party when the little person performs. If the bachelorette / bachelor other family members are close, you could ask the family members to get in the action; for instance, have her put some dollar bills in the midget dancers fancy outfit!  Whoever you invite just make sure no one gets offended or won’t like this kind of thing.

For the rest of the night, make sure it runs smoothly. Put together a guest list and make sure everyone in the wedding party signs it. Look online or at a party store for decorations then spice the house up before you go out. Call a limo or party bus and drink on the way to the bar/nightclub.

Make sure everyone in the bachelorette / bachelor party is invited no less than a month ahead of time to give the girls the opportunity to want to be there — even more so if it’s a weekend away. Furthermore since everybody chips in on the cost of the gathering, put the details in there so they can plan their finances.