Midget Performer Retirement Party


Are you searching for midget dancers for a retirement party? No need to go any further, we will heat up your event!

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No one is too old to have a midget stripper show up and give a little tease in front of all your co-workers. Now that your friend is retiring it’s time to celebrate! Have one of our little person performers show up and make all of you laugh!

There are many ways to book your event. Our performers will show up at your office, house, hall, bar, or hotel. Put some thought about the theme, setting, music and food then tell us how you want to execute your party plan. Give us as many details as possible so we can bounce ideas off of you. Then let’s get your party started!

Our dwarf / midget dancers offer a variety of entertainment services to ensure your retirement party is a success. Our midget performers are booked and paid per show. The length of the retirement show varies a bit depending upon the individual performer and party situation. Our little people can strip, perform as a telegram in costume or be a character for your event.

The dwarf / midget performer will do at least 30 min. up to an hour show. The show may run longer if the party goes well and the performer is making tips.


We will promise you this… Our little performers will make your retiree friend feel comfortable enough to enjoy the show but we will embarrass your friend enough to give you the last laugh. Maybe your friend will get you a little performer for your retirement party as payback!

Please contact us to discuss your entertainment needs. You won’t be disappointed!